Missouri River Relief


About the Missouri River Relief MegaScout

On July 16, 2006, Missouri River Relief began traveling down the Missouri River on a 754-mile journey by boat from Ponca State Park, NE, to the Mississippi in St. Louis. The purpose of this “MegaScout” journey was to map trash deposits along the Missouri River, creating a digital map database that can be used to plan river clean-ups, provide information useful to local organizations and to create a network that can be used by communities along the river.

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Map Legend

Aerial Photos (2011)

  • iconPhoto

Solid Waste (2006)

  • iconBarge
  • iconBoat
  • iconCar
  • iconDump
  • iconFridge
  • iconTires
  • iconWater Heater
  • iconMisc

Trash Rank

  • Clean
  • Small Scattered Trash
  • Accumulation
  • Accumulation
    Large Materials
  • Large Materials
  • Dump Site

Wing Dikes

  • Shape


  • Shape

Boat Access

  • iconPrivate
  • iconPublic
  • iconN/A

Nav Beacon

  • iconDot
  • iconGreen Square
  • iconGreen Other
  • iconRed Triangle
  • iconRed Other

River Miles

  • iconMile Marker